Esdec Solar Group Announces the Formation of BluBase

Esdec Solar Group Announces the Formation of Blubase

We are proud to announce the formation of BluBase™, a newly formed rooftop PV racking manufacturer that combines the forces of Esdec Solar Group Companies Solar Construct Nederland and SolarStell. Founded in Zwolle, Netherlands in 2022, BluBase strengthens the position of both companies and offers the potential for future growth.

BluBase’s focus is on designing and supplying fast installing, quality PV roof racking systems to medium and large sized installers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany – all through direct sales channels. BluBase products are also available to smaller sized installers through various distribution channels throughout the Netherlands. The company’s product portfolio includes applications for both residential and small-sized commercial projects.

With more than a decade of experience, BluBase is in a unique position to continue offering the expertise and one-on-one services to the installer that both SolarStell and Solar Construct Nederland are known for, while also providing an expanded product line with technology leveraged from the Esdec Solar Group’s family of brands.

Visit the BluBase website and design calculator today to find out more about this exciting new enterprise and explore the popular product lines they offer, including roboost, rofast, next, connect, and QS PV.

BluBase. Strong in solar support.

BluBase B.V.
Lingenstraat 9
8028 PM Zwolle
Phone – +31 (0)85 800 05 01