The Enstall family of brands

Enstall’s companies operate in the top rooftop solar markets in the U.S. and Europe. Developed by solar installers for solar installers, we have the scale and expertise to deliver solar hardware solutions for any job. Installers rely on us to provide dependable, long-term solutions tailored to their specific requirements, regardless of roof type, design, or environment.

Esdec is a leading supplier of solar mounting solutions for pitched and flat roofs, serving distributors across Europe. Based in Deventer, the Netherlands, Esdec offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Customer Services, Marketing, and Sales. In addition to technical support and advisory services, Esdec provides professional online and in-person installation training.


EcoFasten operates as an independent entity, delivering a robust and innovative product line of rooftop PV mounts and racking solutions directly to installers and through distribution channels. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, EcoFasten was the first company to join Enstall in 2018. EcoFasten continues to innovate and expand its offerings while maintaining its unique brand identity.


IronRidge is a provider of rooftop racking solutions that helped to pioneer solar mounting systems in the mid 1990’s. After being acquired by Enstall in 2019, IronRidge has continued to operate from its Hayward, CA offices as an independent business unit with its own team, unique product lines, and sales channels.


With headquarters in North America and Europe, PanelClaw is a leading expert in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector, and the largest provider of PV racking solutions and services for buildings. Enstall acquired PanelClaw in 2020, and in 2024 rebranded European-based CPX under the PanelClaw name to reach its current global structure.

BluBase supplies mounting solutions for solar panels on pitched and flat roofs throughout Europe. Located in Zwolle, the Netherlands, BluBase caters to larger installers, offering technical support and logistical services. The company’s full suite of services, including Customer Services, Project Engineering, and Business Engineering, ensure comprehensive support for its clients.

Sunfer - An Enstal Company

Sunfer, the most recent addition to the Enstall family, joined in January 2023. Located in Valencia, Spain, Sunfer handles production, assembly, packaging, and storage on-site. Specializing in residential mounting solutions for rooftop solar panels, Sunfer’s products are sold in multiple countries across and beyond Europe, maintaining a strong presence in the market.