Bringing Value to Solar Professionals

At Enstall we focus on being a true partner to installers. Our commitment goes beyond merely providing dependable products. As a company created by installers, we understand your needs, celebrate you as solar heroes, and ensure your success. We invest heavily in certifications, testing, and cutting-edge research and development to prioritize safety and innovation in everything we provide.

Pioneering RD&I

Powered by our innovative technology, our RD&I and rigorous testing make installations more efficient and sustainable. As a global leader in the United States and Europe, our infrastructure ensures bankability and operational excellence through scale and knowledge sharing. We go beyond the standard of certifications and strive to achieve higher levels of excellence by raising technology certification standards. Our highly engineered, clean patented products, combined with dedicated support and services are designed to be installed safely and efficiently, while reducing installer time on the roof.

People Partner

We know it takes more than just providing mounting solutions to make strides toward a solar-powered future. As a loyal partner to the installer, we stand by your side every step of the way, equipping you with top-tier product warranties and continued support on and off the roofs. Through in-depth virtual and onsite training, we pave the way for the next generation of solar heroes, empowering them with the knowledge, confidence, and expertise to take on projects of all scales. Our solar training experts are ready to work hand in hand with you, guiding and supporting you as we embark on our journey to a more sustainable tomorrow.


Our products are backed by at least 20-year warranties and go above-and-beyond certification requirements in the United States and Europe. Enstall business units have spent over a decade working with standards boards to define and raise technology certification standards. The reliability and safety of our solutions are independently tested and, where needed, certified by internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification bodies, such as Intertek and KIWA. Certifications include: UL (United States), DIBt, MCS and ETN (Europe). We also conduct extensive in-house and external testing of our solutions. This allows the Enstall companies to decrease certification costs, timelines, and time to market. As a member of the Wind Hazzard & Infrastructure Performance Center, Enstall engineers collaborate on research projects aimed at enhancing the resiliency of buildings and infrastructure to extreme windstorms.

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