Leading the energy transition

Enstall’s strategy, accelerating the installation of solar, is an important part of decarbonizing our energy system. We put mission-critical systems in place to make our rooftop solar value chain run smoothly. By developing fast and safe installations and providing comprehensive training and digital support, we’re continuously boosting our capacity to install solar. In doing so, we’re delivering solar, sooner.

As an asset-light company, we owe our success to  our business partners. That’s why we’re making sure we not only take responsibility for the people we work with and how we impact the environment, but how we drive transparency in our supply chain. This way, we believe we can sustain our value in the future. For more insights and detailed reporting on our 2022 sustainability standings, read our 2022 Sustainability Report below.

Ushering in a greener future

Empowers, the corporate sustainability arm of Enstall, is on a mission to turn beliefs into reality. We’re teaming up with like-minded individuals and non-profits to tackle societal challenges and open doors for the youth and less fortunate communities. Through free job training, project support, STEM education, and financial aid, we’re crafting a world where clean energy is accessible to everyone and opportunities are equal for all.