Speak Up

Voice your concerns confidentially

Enstall Speak Up is operated by People InTouch, an independent company, and allows anyone to raise genuine concerns about unethical behavior confidentially, and anonymously if they wish, at any time in multiple languages.   

Concerns can be reported in any of the following ways:  

Via the Speak Up by People InTouch app

Download the app, and to login use code 112326 if you are an Enstall colleague and code 112984 if you are an Enstall business partner.  

Via our dedicated webpage

Enstall colleagues: 

Visit speakupfeedback.eu/web/enstall to create a new report and start a trusted conversation.  

Enstall business partners:  

Visit speakupfeedback.eu/web/enstallexernal to create a new report and start a trusted conversation.  

Via telephone (voice message facility)

Download our Speak Up contact list to find your local telephone number and when prompted use code 112326 if you are an Enstall colleague and code 112984 if you are an Enstall business partner.

Our Speak Up policy

For more information, download our detailed Speak Up Policy.


Enstall Speak Up is open to all Enstall employees. It is also available to any person or party with whom Enstall has had a business relationship, such as business partners, suppliers, customers, and distributors, and who wishes to raise a concern about possible misconduct within Enstall.

Wherever possible, we encourage you to try and resolve concerns informally and directly. If you feel unable to raise the concern directly with someone at Enstall, Speak Up should be used to raise concerns about suspected misconduct within Enstall with respect to any violation or potential violation of our Code of Conduct, Enstall policies or procedures, and/or applicable laws and regulations.

This can include:

  • Improper use of company resources
  • Violations of the Code of Conduct
  • Suspected irregularities of a financial nature, including complaints regarding questionable accounting controls and auditing matters
  • Fraud and fraudulent financial reporting
  • Discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment
  • Inadequate financial or non-financial recordkeeping
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Environmental health and safety issues
  • Drug, alcohol, or other substance abuse

Speak Up should not be used: 

  • With malicious intent 
  • For issues in relation to employment terms or other related HR matters
  • To settle personal disputes 
  • To make accusations that you know are false or cannot be substantiated 
  • To obtain answers to questions or comment on Enstall policies or procedures

If you have decided you wish to raise a concern via Enstall SpeakUp, you can do so via app, web or telephone, as detailed above and in our Speak Up Policy. When making a report, please include a detailed description of your concern – including what has happened, when it happened, where it happened and who was involved, if available. If you provide information about a person, please do not include sensitive personal and private information such as mental or physical condition or religious beliefs.

If you are comfortable doing so, we encourage you to include your name and contact information to allow a member of Enstall’s Speak Up Office and/or an investigator to speak with you directly about your concerns. We often find it can result in a more thorough investigation if we can speak with you directly. However, it is your choice whether you wish to disclose your name or to stay anonymous.

After a report is submitted, a transcription of the voice message or web report is sent to Enstall’s Speak Up Office, who will review your concern and identify next steps, which may include appointing an independent person to investigate the matter.

It is important that you regularly log back in to see if a response has been left for you, as it may be that we have follow-up questions for you. Take note of your report number and password and keep this safe (neither People InTouch nor Enstall will be able to reset this for you). You may also wish to sign up for automatic email notifications if possible.

The information you provide will be hosted by People InTouch using Amazon Web Services, with servers in Frankfurt (primary) and Paris (secondary); please refer to People InTouch’s Privacy Statement as published on their website. In addition, our Speak Up Policy details which personal data and information may be obtained by Enstall, as well as the scope and purpose of such access and any data collection. Please also refer to the Enstall Privacy Policy.